Update FOR A15.2b8 is available, VIA LAUNCHER ONLY!

Requires DLL update

First version of food spoilage:
food has a chance of spoiling in all containers and in player bags.
There are currently some safe containers: the cooler, the player made refrigerator (cntFridgeSecure), world refrigerators and world beverage coolers. NONE OF THIS CONTAINERS REQUIRES POWER FOR THIS FIRST VERSIOn, but they will. For now we just need feedback without being too harsh.
added salted raw meat and salted raw fishes, wich are much more resistent to spoilage.
salted raw food can be washed back to raw meat, to be used in cooking. Point to a body of water or a sink and click to wash it.
Different foods have different resistences:
raw meat, raw fish, milk drinks, eggs and ice creams have low resistence
fruit, vegetables have medium/low resistence
vanilla juices have medium resistence
most cooked food have medium/low to medium/high resistence
starvation drinks and salted raw food have high resistence
canned food do not spoil
some starvation drinks have now buffs equivalent to red tea and golden rod tea to compensate the better resistence they provide. It's advisable to make those juices for long trips, if you can. (Lemon, Lime and coconut juices help you fight the heat, all juices heal dysentery).
some starvation drinks are now useful to cure the flu. They are usually only efficient on early stages of flu (strawberry and bluberry juices)
To DISABLE FOOD SPOILAGE, remove all <property name="foodSpoilImmune" value="xx" /> lines from items.xml. This has to be done in xml, since some things need to be done client side.
To DISABLE PLAGUES, go to folder "%appdata%\7DaysToDie\Saves\Starvation", edit the file StarvationConfig.xml, and set Plagues Enabled to false. Restart the game/server and you should be set. If the option does not exist yet, add manually the following line: <Option Name="Plagues" Enable="false" />
Fixed animal harvesting
Fixed snakeTrap buff
Adjusted attachments kickback modifiers to make attachment weapons more viable.
Added snake sounds
Added big forge receipts to remove materials
added new loot to rad spider nests:
spider pet
3 Loot packs: 2x (quest to poi + skull + armor part) + 1x(exoarmor part + exoammo + skull + note)
pets and tamable animals should now write to disk much less frequently
pets do not damage crops anymore.
all pets stay within 10 blocks of the location where you call them using the whistle command 1.
cougar pets can now me used to guard your farms. Own them and call them to you (using 1). They will be pinned to that approximate location, and will look for they natural enemies… The rats!
Survivors will now stay within 10 blocks when you tell them to stay.
Donkeys will stay within 5 blocks when you tell them to stay.
burnt garages (rad zones) can have special loot inside
added a oil rig to the oil refinery prefab. This oil rig can be powered with fuel to extract oil shale… It extracts 3 oil shales each 2 minutes, costing 6 gas cans… That's 8 minutes for 80 gas cans worth of shale, costing 24 cans. If your map already has all refineries spawned, you may need to delete region files to reload it.
added jerky beef. That's a very spoilage resistent food, and can be made with drying racks. All you need to do is make a drying rack, combine it with raw meat, put it in the floor and wait for it to dry… Then destroy the rack to get your meat and dry rack back.
added dry frui chips. That's a very spoilage resistent food, and can be made with drying racks. All you need to do is make a drying rack, slice some fruit, and combine those items. Then put it in the floor and wait for it to dry… Then destroy the rack to get your chips and dry rack back.
Changed vanilla trees classes, hopfefully reducing the water they consume!
small adjustments for snake anti venom… Using cows returns the most doses, then pigs, then sheeps.

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