Exoskeletons and Exo Guns

During the last big war, a few corporations invested quite a bit in exoskeleton technology. In a last desperate effort to stop the zombie outbreak, many exoskeletons were shipped to the front lines. It is believed that many unused exoskeleton parts and guns still exist inside the radiation areas.


  • exoskeleton parts can be found in loot inside radiation zones
  • if you equip a full exoskeleton, your hud will be "upgraded". If you're using custom huds and want to disable certain elements of exo hud, you can do so by removing the specific pics from the data/hud folder. BE CAREFUL, and don't delete the entire folder, or some functionalities will simply not work.
  • exoskeletons can be powered using Power Cores. To fill its power, simply "consume" a power core. Full power will last you approximately 12 ingame hours on our current version.
  • exoskeletons grant you a speed and stamina boost while powered.
  • exoskeletons offer you protection against radiation damage, but DO NOT make you immune to radiation sickness.
  • exoskeletons come equipped with a diagnostic tool. press "Page Up" for about 1s and it will open the diagnostic HUD. That hud will give you important information and your character custom conditions.

Exo Guns

  • exo guns are heavy weaponry that can only be used wearing a powered up exoskeleton.
  • exo guns are powerful beasts but they slow you down and will increase power consumption.
  • Balancing still in progress.
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