Exoscheleton Upgrades

It is possible to upgrade you exo suits with special items:

  • Wall Crusher Gland: AOE healing buff for nearby players and self
  • Parasite Gland: AOE speed buff for nearby players and self
  • Rezzer Gland: AOE ressurect of nearby players. You need to be fast performing the rezz
  • Abominable Feet: AOE cooling buff for nearby players and self
  • Radiated Spider Heart: Energy Shield for nearby players and self
  • Apply this upgrades to exo armor chest, just like a gem. They will take one slot.
  • Only one upgrade will be active at any one time.
  • Press and hold pageup with powered exosuit on, to see the exo information, including active upgrade and number of charges left.
  • Press and hold pageup to close the hud
  • For now, press middle mouse button to use one charge of current upgrade.

Note that this charges are addictive!

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