Fly Plague:

  • There's a chance that your plants can get plagued. That can happen during growth, or after a plant has grown.
  • Plagues WILL spread! So you need to act fast, or keep some space between your crops to avoid catastrophic spreading.
  • Using pesticides reduces chances of plants getting plagued.  You can make pesticide spray on the science workstation, and use a manual sprayer to use it (craftable on workbench)
  • You can make natural pesticides out of various natural products in a campfire with a beaker
  • You can then make pesticide spray in a Science Station
  • Plants that have been sprayed have half the chance of getting plagued
  • Further on you can use Insect Repellent Light, that will drastically reduce the chances of getting plagued. This electronic device requires electricity and is craftable in workbench.

Rat Pests:

  • You crops have a small chance of attracting zombie rats. This little pests will go straight to your crops and will do heavy damage to them… Be careful… They bite!
  • You can use rat traps to minimize their damage. Rat traps attract and kill rats, but need to be manually reset.
  • Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers can be used to reduce chances of attracting rats to residual values, but require electrical power. It is craftable in workbench.
  • Big cats also have a particular taste for rats. Having a tamed big cat on your farm, will help a lot in keeping the rats controlled.
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