Food Spoilage

Food has a chance of spoiling in all containers and in player bags.
here are currently some safe containers:

  • the player made refrigerator - this requires electrical power. Build the bottom and the top, and connect power to the bottom part.
  • iced farming storage

Added salted raw meat and salted raw fishes, which are much more resistant to spoilage.
Salted raw food can be washed back to raw meat, to be used in cooking. Point to a body of water or a sink and click to wash it.

Different foods have different resistances:

  • raw meat, raw fish, milk drinks, eggs and ice creams have low resistence
  • fruit, vegetables have medium/low resistence
  • vanilla juices have medium resistence
  • most cooked food have medium/low to medium/high resistence
  • starvation drinks and salted raw food have high resistence
  • canned food do not spoil

Some starvation drinks have now buffs equivalent to red tea and golden rod tea to compensate the better resistance they provide. It's advisable to make those juices for long trips, if you can. (Lemon, Lime and coconut juices help you fight the heat, all juices heal dysentery).

Some starvation drinks are now useful to cure the flu. They are usually only efficient on early stages of flu (strawberry and bluberry juices)

To DISABLE FOOD SPOILAGE, remove all <property name="foodSpoilImmune" value="xx" /> lines from items.xml. This has to be done in xml, since some things need to be done client side.

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