Health System

Besides the obvious infections, your health needs to be taken care of. There are a few extra diseases, usually not deadly, that will affect your day-to-day and may condition your decision making process.

Flu (common cold)

Low welness levels, combined with being wet or cold, can result in catching a flu. It’s not a dangerous disease per se, but will make you sniffle, cough and sneeze… Your temperature will also raise a little bit. Those can be dangerous when trying to hide! A flu will last for 24h, and if not treated may evolve to a strong flu. Strong flu will make you sneeze more, and will hit your stamina and health very slightly, as well as have a small impact on your general wellness. It will also raise your temperature A strong flu will also eventually go away after 24h.
Flu can easily be treated using any kind of antibiotic. In its weaker stage, some hot goldenrod tea may also help. If you don't have any medicine available, some rest will help… Healing 1st stage flu with some rest is quite easy. Healing a 2nd stage flu is not so easy, but it’s possible, and sleeping can help you keep your temperature under control in that case. Eating fish will also grant you temporary immunity to Flu.


It’s very important to keep an eye on your mental state and fatigue. Having some rest will grant you a small edge that may become decisive on your adventures. If you spend more than 24h without having some rest, you will start feeling sleepy. Your body will warn you with some Yawns.
Spend more than 30h without any rest, and you will feel a small decrease on your speed. Your yawns will become more frequent.
Spend 48h or more without any rest, and your body will suffer a big impact… Your speed and stamina will suffer, and your wellness will slowly decay

There are a few ways to keep your fatigue under control. Obviously, any bed or bedroll will decrease your fatigue in time, while also slowly recovering your health.
Then you have certain items that will help stay awake longer then you should. Coffee, tobacco and cannabis will all reduce your fatigue, but at different costs!


While smoking cigars and cannabis blunts are excellent ways of reducing your fatigue, they will cause addiction… If you smoke too much, without giving some time between smokes, you will get addicted. Addiction effects will pass in time, if you don’t smoke anything.
To smoke, simply equip (face slot) a cigar or a blunt. They will last some seconds, but will automatically change into a cigar butt. When you smoke some drug, it will “mute” your addiction (if existing) from some game hours.
Smoking an occasional cigar or blunt shouldn’t do much harm :)


Scurvy is another disease that may afflict you, if you are extremely careless. If you go for more than 2 weeks without eating any fruit, you will get scurvy. Scurvy will affect your stamina, and make you emit a foul smell. To cure it, simply eat fruit!

Sanity Mechanic

You have now to keep your character sane.

What decreases your sanity

  • Starving or being dehydrated.
  • Suffering damage. The higher the damage, the higher the impact on sanity.
  • Being hunted or sensed
  • Radiation sickness
  • Dying will decrease your sanity A LOT.

What will improve your sanity

  • Sleeping
  • Eating good food
  • Smoking cigars or blunts
  • Being close to a fun block. For fun blocks. There are currently a few fun blocks:

* Aquarium
* Working Tv
* Pictures
* Pinups
* Tvs
* Plants
* Pacco Toys


How will sanity affect you:

  • If your sanity goes above 90%, you will gain a Strong Minded buff. This buff will grant you resistence to stun and to sanity degradation. It will also slow down your Stress Resistence leveling, since you get sanity hits less often.
  • If your sanity goes below 50%, you will start having small breakdowns. That doesn't affect you much, but you will make noise randomly (laughing, crying).
  • If your sanity goes below 25%, you will start having bigger breakdowns. You will randomly scream, thus making even more noise.
  • If your sanity goes below 10%, your will go insane. This will mean that you'll start hearing voices (making no noise), BUT will start making random actions like crouching, attacking or hyperventilating.
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