The Miner


You can now craft a miner:

  • Miner Base (crafted in Mill)
  • Miner Blade (crafted in Lathe)
  • Miner Arm (crafted in Mill)
  • Control Box (crafted in Science Workstation)

You should then find a suitable place to mine. The miner actually mines world mineral (3 block radius straight down). So placing it in a place with a lot of ore blocks will grant the higher results.
Keep in mind that it "depletes" the blocks it mines, so you can't camp a single spot, but it MIGHT last for more then 1 run.

Once you find a suitable spot:

  • Place the miner base. Make sure the spot is able to support it, you don't wanna loose it.
  • Open the tool box of the miner (click and hold for options).
  • Place the miner control box, arm and blade inside the tool box. This field assembles the miner.
  • Place a failure relay near the base.
  • Power up the failure relay
  • You will see a console coming up, and a booting up sequence
  • The event itself happens in 4 increasingly harder waves
  • Each wave will go deeper and deeper (10blocks, 20blocks, 40blocks, down to bedrock). Use common sense to understand your returns: if the closest ore is at 41 depth, waves 1 and 2 may return only a few things!
  • The deeper the miner goes, the higher the probability of finding rare gems and minerals, but the waves will also be harder.
  • You can interrupt the event at any time, by cutting off the power.
  • You can open the miner inventory at any time (click and hold for options)
  • You can pick up the miner, once you repair it and disassemble it by removing all tools and loot.
  • Failure Relay and Small Diesel Generators are now pickable EVEN WITHOUT LAND PROTECTION!

NOTE: some gems can drop anywhere, others only drop out of specific minerals.

The event will error (stop) or reset if:

  • No player stays within 10-15 blocks of the miner. At least one player should always be near. If no player is present, the current wave will reset.
  • Too many man made blocks near the miner, will trigger a failure protection and the miner will stop, so that you can't put blocks around it.
  • Having no open sky above will trigger a failure protection and the miner will stop.
  • Having no suitable place to spawn enemies will cause the miner to stop
  • Any missing miner tool will cause it to stop
  • NOTE: repair hit box of the base is a bit "odd", so you need to move around it. We'll fix that asap.

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