The idea is to make a mod that tries to make things harder, more interesting, but also highly rewarding later in the game. Again, coding have been made by Mortelentus, and most graphics where made by Pacco, but with his passing, Xyth has taken over modeling for Starvation. We also had important contributions from Dissolutionskey, Pam and recently DUST2DEATH, OzHawkeye and xtended2l.

I would put some emphasis on some of the new stuff we're trying to incorporate. The most visible aspect will obviously be the player colony. Player colonies give you, the player, the possibility to recruit and employ survivors.

This "survivor" NPCs can be assigned a multitude of tasks, from cook to guards, and many of the end items will somehow require you to develop and maintain a well structured colony, which you can do alone or with your friends…

This is just the most visible "tip of the iceberg" since we're trying to incorporate so many of our previous mods in a way that makes sense. We're refining them, adapting them as needed and even making new interesting things, hoping that in the end this package can provide an experience as interesting as possible. While realism plays a important role, it's not what it's all about. There are still fun and illogical stuff. Because it's fun!

You can check Modding Chronicles or Pacco's Channel to watch some movies of Starvation content.

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