Radiation plays a very important part on Starvation.

There are multiple locations where the players will feel radiation effects:

  • Radiated blocks will ALWAYS make you sick when you step on it.
  • Nuclear bombs will create a radiated area. Inside that area you may get sick and will suffer from slight radiation damage.
  • There are multiple locations where radiation may become problematic,  particularly the radiated biomes and the nuclear plant. On those places you may become sick,  suffer radiation damage or (most probably) both.

Radiation sickness is a incremental sickness,  that will start raising from the moment you get sick. Leaving a radiated area,  will not stop the sickness but will stop radiation damage. Radiation sickness will eventually start hitting your stats and,  if not healed,  will result in death.

There are a few ways to cure or mitigate radiation effects:

  • Potassium Iodide Pills - Lowers your radiation level slightly and gives a small health boost. Good to keep your radiation levels under control,  and to mitigate radiation damage. It will however be very hard to cure advanced stages of radiation sickness using solely this pills.
  • Potassium Iodide Syringe - A strong potassium iodide injection. Lowers your radiation levels drastically. Expensive to make,  but great medicine against high levels of radiation sickness.
  • Radiation Syringe - A particular strong injection, capable of healing almost any illness. It is however, extremely addictive

Radiation protection clothing.
This type of clothing offers protection against radiation damage,  but close to no protection against other type of damage. Includes hazmat suit that can only be looted,  and radiation suit that can be crafted. Low quality gear is close to useless,  and a optimum radiation suit will be better than even the best hazmat suit. A skilled crafter will become invaluable while fighting under extreme radiation conditions. A full set will also grant you immunity to radiation sickness. The better the suit,  the more damage is mitigated.

It is STRONGLY advised that you have some of these to venture radiated biomes,  and if you want to work at the nuclear plant.

You will want to make a science workstation as soon as possible. The dangers of periferic radiated biomes are many,  but the rewards….

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