Rescue Events

Rescue Events may happen randomly in the world

  • When a player gets close to NPC in trouble, a rescue event will be triggered and the NPC will call out for help
  • 10s after the event is triggered, a first wave of enemies will spawn
  • The event consists of 4 increasingly harder waves, adding harder enemies then culminating with a boss
  • If you pay attention, the NPC will give you a pointer that a wave spawn is incoming.
  • Player NEEDs to stay close to the NPC (at least 1 player), and keep him alive
  • NPC will not accept dialogs for the duration of the event.
  • If all players leave NPC vicinity the event will reset.
  • If the NPC survives the full event, he will be available to talk for 60 seconds. You will hear him thank you as a pointer, and dialogs will be available.
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