Settlements and Survivors

Starvation includes our first colony version. This allows you to recruit and train survivors, thus automating some activities like crafting, farming, cooking or guarding your settlements.

Survivor workstations also allow you to craft things otherwise only attainable through looting. In order to recruit survivors you first need to build a radio tower. A radio tower can be built in a Mill workstation, thus requiring you to have power.

A radio tower will also require power to be activated. When activated it will start emitting a beacon, and will have a chance of attracting survivors to your settlement.


Each survivor will need food to survive after recruitment. They will “look” for food on nearby secure refrigerators. If no food is available they will start losing health and will eventually die. The food they need depends on their health:

  • If a survivor is not hurt, or very close to full health, they will look for low tier food (cornBread, eggboiled, 1 unit each time)
  • If they are slightly hurt, they will look for medium tier food (cornBread, grilledMeat, boiledMeat, 2 units each time)
  • If they are badly hurt, they will look for high tier food (meatStew, vegetableStew, 5 units each time)

Survivors will also sleep during the night. While sleeping they don’t need food.

You NEED to have available survivors to assign them to specific tasks.


Crafters are basically survivor workstations. Each crafter you place may know a few random receipts by default, and you’ll be able to teach them new things.
To teach a crafter a new item, you need to hold that item, enter the crafter menu, and press the Teach button. You’ll have a random chance of success that will depend on the crafter skill level and the tier of the item. That chance of success will NEVER be lower than 35%. REMEMBER, if the crafter fails to learn the item, it will be lost forever. If he succeeds, your item will be lost but he will then be able to make new ones. Each crafter also has a limit for what he can learn… Each crafter may need a container for the raw mats, and a container for the end products.

A crafter needs food just like a survivor, and will mostly sleep during the night (sometimes they have insomnia)

For some items, you will need to combine different crafters to build the final product. We describe the different crafters next, but the receipt list is still under review.

There are currently 3 different crafters:

  • Weaponsmith - needs storage building container for end product and raw mats. Requires a male survivor to be placed.
    • Low tier items: TrapNail, ceramicPlate, hoeIron, wrench, partsRevolver_frame, partsRevolver_grip, partsPumpShotgun_stock, partsPumpShotgun_barrel
    • Medium tier items: huntingKnife, BearTrap, forgedSteel, fireaxeIron, pickaxeIron, partsHuntingRifle_stock, partsHuntingRifle_barrel, partsPistol_grip, partsPistol_barrel, partsPumpShotgun_stockShort, partsPumpShotgun_barrelShort
    • High tier items: machete, GarageDoorNew1, steelPlate, armorPlate, partsAK47_stock, partsAK47_barrel, partsMP5_stock, partsMP5_barrel, metalFrame, smallDeposit
    • Expert tier items: powerStreetLight01, fireaxeSteel, assaultRifleStock, assaultRifleBarrel, partsSniperRifle_stock, partsSniperRifle_barrel, genCasing, fuelDeposit
  • Mechanic - needs storage building container for raw mats and a Storage Weapons container for the end products. Requires a male survivor to be placed.
    • Low tier items: gunNail, nailShotgun, partsHuntingRifle_parts, partsPistol_parts, partsRevolver_parts, partsPumpShotgun_receiver
    • Medium tier items: gunHuntingRifle, gunPumpShotgun, gunSawedOffPumpShotgun, gunRevolver, partsHuntingRifle_receiver, partsPistol_receiver, partsRevolver_cylinder, partsPumpShotgun_parts, buechse
    • High tier items: gunMP5, gunPistol, steelBoots, steelGloves, steelLegArmor, partsAK47_receiver, partsAK47_parts, partsMP5_receiver, partsMP5_parts, steampunkRevolver, SmallGenerator
    • Expert tier items: gunAK47, ACW, MTAR, gun44Magnum, gunSniperRifle, steelChestArmor, steelHelmet, Drawbridge1, assaultRifleTriggerHousing, acw-r_parts, partsSniperRifle_receiver, partsSniperRifle_parts, dieselGen
  • Cook Chef - needs storage food container for end product and raw mats. Requires a female survivor to be placed.
    • Low tier items: cornBread,eggboiled,cornOnTheCob,charredMeat
    • Medium tier items: grilledMeat,boiledMeat,baconAndEggs,coffee
    • High tier items: vegetableStew,goldenRodTea,redTea
    • Expert tier items: meatStew,blueberryPie


Farmers allow you to automate farming activities. They can plant and harvest crops. It requires a teen survivor to be placed.

There are currently 3 tier of of farming… The player needs to assign a tier to the farmer, for it to start working.

For each assigned tier, the farmer will look for the correct seeds on a Storage Farm container, and will try to plant them on fertile land. He will do that once for each available seed type on every work cycle.
After trying to plant seeds, he will look for mature plants of the assigned tier and will try to harvest them. For trees, each harvest operation will “decay” the tree until it “dies” and needs to be replanted.
A farmer needs food just like a survivor, and will mostly sleep during the night (sometimes they have insomnia)

The farming tiers are:

  • Low tier: plantedBlueberry3Harvest,AppleTree1 and blueberrySeed,appleSeed
  • Medium tier: plantedCotton3Harvest,plantedCorn3Harvest and cottonSeed,cornSeed
  • High tier: plantedCoffee3Harvest,plantedGoldenrod3Harvest,AppleTree1 and coffeeBeans,goldenrodSeed,appleSeed

A farmer needs food just like a survivor, and will mostly sleep during the night (sometimes they have insomnia).


Guards will protect your facilities, providing they have weapons and ammo. They use HAL9000 turrets as base, and will engage all enemy entities and all players not in the placer friend list. We may start to use NPCs when their AI is working as intended.

They can be equipped with either a pistol or, at higher levels, a mp5. To give them a gun, just hold it, open the guard UI, and press “Give gun”. Do the same for the ammo.

Guards will also recover some of the bullet cases spent. The higher the level the more they recover.

A guard needs food just like a survivor, and will mostly sleep during the night (sometimes they have insomnia). You can however try to keep them awake during the night, having available coffee in nearby refrigerators.

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