Traps can be a overwhelming aid to your base protection.

There are 2 types of traps:

  • Guerrilla traps - this traps require no power to work, but they have to be manually reset every time they are triggered. They include:
    • Bear trap - this trap is a deadly beast, and can instantly kill almost everything. It can also be baited. Baited traps will attract close by animals, and can randomly spawn new ones.
    • Nail trap - this is a very strong trap, that causes instant bleeding too
    • Trap door - well… it's a trap door!
  • Powered traps - powered traps require power to work, obviously. As long as they have power, they keep working without the need of any human intervention. They include:
    • Fire traps - this traps do fire damage, and set targets on fire.
    • Spike traps - this traps inflict heavy damage, and cause instant bleeding. They can eventually dismember.
    • Penduluns - this fun traps require electric power to work. They are similar to "dungeon pendulums" and can do heavy damage to intruders, be them human or not.
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