Rare Minerals/Gems and Sockable Upgrades

With the miner, you can now find rare gems and rare minerals

Those can be used to either:

  • Increase max item quality, up to 650 (consumes the rare minerals)
  • Repair items without quality loss (consumes the rare minerals)
  • Increase entity damage (takes one slot)
  • Increase block damage (takes one slot)

The following items are currently upgradable:

  • Iron Armor
  • Steel Armor
  • Exo Suit
  • All ranged weapons
  • Iron and Steel tools
  • Machete, Iron Club, Sledgehammer, Hunting Knife, Saw Bat, Electric Speer, Lightsword

How to upgrade:

  • Hold the item
  • Press the - (the dash/hyphen/minus key)
  • Make the desired changes to the available gem sockets
  • Press ESC to apply the configuration
  • Invalid items will be returned to the inventory
  • You will be notified if there are useless gems for the current item in your configuration, but you wont be told which one
  • If any gem is consumed, you will be informed but you wont be told what it did.
  • If no warning messages appear it means your gem is doing something.
  • There is a small chance of failure, which causes the loss of the gem
  • It's up to you guys to figure out what does what to what.

I'll give you some pointers though, about previously existing ores. Some of them are now usable to repair or increase durability of certain items

  • Gold is now usable
  • Silver is now usable
  • Diamonds are now usable
  • Uranium is now usable
  • Depleted Uranium is now usable

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