Seasonal Weather

Version brings seasonal weather. But what is this?

This means that players can configure yearly seasons ranging from vanilla weather, rainy weather, all the way to harsh snowy winters.

Season can also heavily impact the world. Not only will cold be an issue, since you'll need to balance between staying warm and protect yourself, but it also impacts crops and fauna.

  • Temperatures will drop
  • Dynamic global snow and rain storms
  • Even if there are some plants more resistant to cold then others, planted crops will either stop growing or even die due to cold.
  • Farm animals are also susceptible to cold, and will eventually die if left outdoors. This will impact both tamed and wild farm animals.
  • bee hives, rabbits and chickens will stop producing with harsher weather.
  • Snow will also impact spawning, and you'll see an increase in snow specific mobs and a decrease in other animal types.

As usually, we made an effort in order to let players and server administrators have full control over this feature, through a custom xml file where you can enable/disable seasons, and fully configure season yearly distribution

  • This file will be automatically created on first launch with default values in <savegamefolder>/Starvation.
  • after that you can edit it at will, enabling/disabling weather or creating your own weather season distribution, and restart the game/server.
  • You can see the default file here

Here's a small preview of what you can expect:

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